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Sustainability is a core goal at 650 Fifth Avenue. 650 Fifth Avenue continues to make improvements to operations, taking a holistic approach that engages all stakeholders: tenants, cleaning staff, engineering and building management.

The sustainability management team meets monthly to provide a close overview of metrics in the context of building operations and occupancy changes. Metrics being monitored include energy (Energy Star rating, electricity, steam), water usage, recycling (tons of waste and recyclables, calculating diversion ratio), and carbon emissions. Since 2008 the building’s Energy Star rating has increased by 13 points to 71.

650 Fifth Avenue takes a long-term view, setting yearly goals, adopting building policies that reflect LEED standards and striving to continuously develop sustainable operations. To date, policies have been implemented for Green Cleaning, indoor air quality, sustainable purchasing, waste management, and water fixture economic assessment. These policies have formed the basis of improvements in each area of operation.